South Carolina

Nehemiah Squire

Nehemiah Squire

Nehemiah Squire

We're looking for his highlights. Post them in the comments section if you have.

Class of 22
Darlington, SC
Dillon Wildcats (Junior Varsity)

Nicknamed "Nemo", Squire has had a major 2017-18' campaign.
Playing as only an 8th Grader for the Dillon Wildcats High School Junior Varsity team, Squire has amassed over 1600 yards on the ground, while scoring a total of 14 touchdowns on the season, as well as adding 10 extra point conversions. Squire is more than capable of being an every down back at the varsity level. Has a very wide range of skill sets. Can do anything a coach asks of him. Nemo is one of the top players around Period!

Prospect Status: Elite
Prospect Ranking: N/A


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