Raid Zerki

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Raid Zerki

Class of 2022
Wide Receiver
Waterford, MI
Lake Area Hawks

Raid Zerki of Waterford, Michigan is listed as a wide receiver in the class of 2022′. Zerki has a broad skill set, that allows to play multiple positions. Raid played only 2 games this past season due to an injury, however he had a fantastic Camp season entering the 2017-18′ tackle campaign. In those 2 games Zerki scored a touchdown in each. Zerki is one of those players who can do everything well. I believe Zerki can really flourish as a safety at the next level, because he lacks natural speed, and isn’t the biggest player. However Zerki isn’t afraid to throw his shoulder into someone, he has good instincts, and plays far bigger than he is listed. Not to mention Raid is a sponge, and is highly coachable. I do like Zerki as a possession receiver as well, he has great hands, fits naturally in the slot.

Prospect Status: Quality
Prospect Ranking: N/A

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