11U - Max Amasio

Max Amasio

Class of 24
Linebacker/ Fullback
Santa Ana, CA
Wilmington Pilots

Amasio is a load with the ball in his hands, but is just as dangerous when he is lead blocking, or taking down opposing runners. Max was a big part of the Wilmington Pilots (11U) success, as he ran in excess of 500 yards on the ground, with 15 touchdowns, as well as 80 plus tackles, 18 of those tackles for loss, and 5 sacks. In a day and age where Fullbacks are an ancient myth, its refreshing to see a young man bring prominence to the position. Overall I see Amasio translating to defense, his ability to diagnose the offense, shed blocks, and get to the ball carrier is next level.

Prospect Status: Premier
Prospect Ranking: N/A


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Posted by Coach Nutz

Josh Stednitz aka Coach Nutz Born and raised in San Diego, CA Coached 10 seasons of youth football Spent 3 years with the National Sports Report, was given the nickname the youth Adam Shefter.

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