Elijah Cromartie

Elijah Cromartie

Class of 2023
Bloomfield, CT
Hartford Hurricanes

Elijah Cromartie also known as “Kid Cannon” , is a talented quarterback out of Bloomfield, Connecticut. Cromartie was sensational in 17-18′, throwing for close to 1500 yards, with 15 touchdowns. More impressive was Cromartie threw zero interceptions. Elijah is well equipped with all the tools to be an elite level talent long term. Kid Cannon can play in numerous systems, can play under center, or in the gun. His ability to play fake, makes him a nightmare for any defense. Cromartie is fully capable of using his legs to extend the play, and when he does take off is a playmaker. I believe if Cromartie grows a few inches when freshman year comes, he can be an immediate contributor to a junior varsity program, or a Varsity program.

Prospect Status: Elite
Prospect Ranking: N/A

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