11U - Christopher Martin

Chris Martin

Class of 2024
Fitzgerald, GA
229 Saints

Chris Martin is a Dual threat quarterback out of Fitzgerald, Georgia. Martin dominated in league play, with the 229 Saints. Chris has the ability to beat you with his arm, as his 16 passing touchdowns, and over 1800 yards passing clearly show. What makes Chris really dangerous is his ability to make plays with his feet, Martin added 19 rushing touchdowns, with close to 1500 yards rushing as well. Those numbers ensured "C2U" his leagues Offensive Player of the Year. Chris is the epitome of a leader, as most of his teammates will attest to. Lastly to top it off, Martin hoists a 4.0 GPA.

Prospect Status: Premiere
Prospect Ranking: N/A


Posted by Coach Nutz

Josh Stednitz aka Coach Nutz Born and raised in San Diego, CA Coached 10 seasons of youth football Spent 3 years with the National Sports Report, was given the nickname the youth Adam Shefter.


Coach J. Bryant

Chris has been a top notch Qb1 and leader for us playing in 12U as a true 11 year old. I am so proud of him and his work. His toughness was the backbone of our team. You almost never saw him wince, even when playing hurt. It took a while for the rest of the team to catch up, we were playing stiffer competition this year. The whole team will tell you he carried us through. Here’s a link to just his game hilights.


Thank you A11Stars for highlighting our guy.

You’re welcome!

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