Nehemiah Squire

Running Back

Nicknamed "Nemo", Suire has had a major 2017-18' campaign. Playing as only an 8th grader for Dillon Wildcats junior varsity team, Squire as amassed over 1600 yards on the ground, while scoring a league high 22 touchdowns on the season.

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Posted by Coach Nutz

Josh Stednitz aka Coach Nutz

Born and raised in San Diego, CA
Coached 10 seasons of youth football
(Very successful 6 straight trips to San Diego Championship games, a AYF National Title, etc…)

Spent 3 years with the National Sports Report, was given the nickname the youth Adam Shefter.

Did play by play commentary for a lot of youth games in Southern California, but also did the same for the Tru Talent All American Game in New Orleans, where we had more that 700,000 viewers.

Was a host for the 2017 SCFYFL Award Ceremony.

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